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Albeda Rotterdam The Hague Airport

A building with a wow-factor

A building with a wow-factor

This is a building that has it all. A mix of learning and working where you feel like you're on a special journey from the moment you enter. A beautiful black building with a high-tech look and a transparent facade. That's where it all begins for Albeda students.

One of Albeda's pillars is making sure professional context remains at the core of education. In this building, you can see how the study programmes for aviation, safety, and hospitality come together. Part of this building consists of traditional teaching/instruction areas, but this is no longer the foundation nowadays. The building is instead filled with practical rooms that focus on business practices.

There is even an aircraft fuselage in the hall where students can practice emergency evacuation. The building also has a hangar, a professional-grade kitchen, and business classrooms.