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Spinoza Lyceum

Temporary expansion within 4 months

Spinoza20first grows

For years Spinoza20first had to turn away children and therefore around 2015 the initiative arose to create a branch. This has led to the fact that for the time being lessons are being given in a temporary accommodation, for a period of three to four years. Algeco was able to realize this temporary housing with a permanent appearance. When choosing Algeco, the client visited projects in advance and the quality they saw in one of our references was decisive. They were particularly enthusiastic about aspects such as sound, smooth walls, the height, the sanitary facilities and the indoor climate.

The plans all had to be worked out and realized in a short period of time; in January 2017 the first talks took place, in May the concrete slabs were in the ground, a few days later the first units were already there and in August 2017 the project was completed.

The advantage of this building is that different dimensions were used, which made it possible to vary the height and also make the classrooms larger than the standard size.