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Children's Center De Uitdaging

‘A brand new children's center that is seamlessly aligned with the children's vision’

Renewal Necessary

The 21st century requires new and different skills than the traditional setting. So too for child center De Uitdaging. So when the opportunity arose, we looked for a new building.

The building fits seamlessly with the child vision but also with the environment. With its striking V-shape it embraces the new neighborhood under construction. Sustainable materials were chosen, in alternating earth tones, which reinforce the beautiful appearance of the building. This is also reflected in the large play areas.

In terms of the experience of space, it is a light building, where the trias energetica has been taken into account in the natural quality of the location, so that there is less need to compensate with installations. The rear on the south side is less open than, for example, the front, which is very transparent. Striking places in the building, such as the team room, learning squares and the raised learning podium, have been given an accent in material on the outside.


Sustainable accommodation

Bouw & Winkels realized the new building of De Buut in a short time in collaboration with Conexus, HEVO, and Bulkens Architects. It has become a good and sustainable building. The installation technology is advanced, the building is CO2 controlled and there is cooling. There are also solar panels on the roof and it is BENG (Nearly Energy Neutral Building). Furthermore, it is also all electric.


  • Project specificaties
  • Locatie
  • Branche
  • Bouwtijd
    10 months
  • Aantal units
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