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Market leader for years: our vision on the product range

Our product types

  • Progress
  • Advance
  • Origin
Entree kantoorgebouw

Progress: high quality design

Progress stands for top-end design. Our specialists design innovative and high-quality construction for prestigious classrooms, exhibitions, reception areas, and head offices, as demonstrated with these units.

All of Algeco's excellent expertise are brought together in this category. Progress stands for beauty, design, comfort, and innovation. The use of high-quality materials and the quality of the finishing ensure a superb end-result.


Tijdelijke huisvesting

Advance: flexible and comfortable

Advance is all about your preferences regarding comfort, well-being, and safety. Advance units can be connected together and stacked on top of one another - you can even choose if you want the doors on the left or right: everything is possible with Advance units that have been fine-tuned down to the very last detail.

  • Customisation to the very last detail
  • Highly suitable for offices, gatehouses, schools, meeting rooms and cafeterias
  • Perfect for spaces with a lease period of less than 24 months
Origin gebouw

Origin: quick, simple and functional 

The Origin product range offers simple solutions with all essential comforts and safety for your employees. Origin was designed with the idea to provide a lot of flexibility. These robust units can be placed within hours: perfect for an emergency classroom, or other temporary building.

  • Solid and robust
  • Cost-effective standard solution
  • Very quick and easy to use

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