• Expert in modular spaces
  • Over 60 years of experience
  • Fast and pragmatic
  • Always a suitable solution

Colleagues have their say

Chantal Zweedijk-Bakker, 360° & Sales Efficiency Manager

Chantal Zweedijk-Bakker

360° & Sales Efficiency Manager

'In my role as Marketing Manager, I quickly learned about 360° products from Algeco. They immediately caught my interest. I started learning more about them and found that I wanted to focus more on them in my work. So when I was given the opportunity, I grabbed it right away'.

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Maarten Spierenburg, Project Manager.png

Maarten Spierenburg

Project Manager

‘Inventive as we are, we always make sure a customer is happy'.

Agile and stress-resistant. Important qualities that Maarten Spierenburg believes are part of a Project Manager job. What else is involved in the job and why Maarten finds this position so fun and challenging? Maarten tells in an extensive interview.

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Dirk van Lieshout Sales

Dirk van Lieshout

Field Sales Representative

‘Creativity is one of the ‘must-have’ qualities for Sales. No single project is the same; therefore, there are no ready answers to the client’s requests immediately. If the customer wants to have a green roof and we don’t have it in our portfolio – it’s my job to find ways to make it possible.’

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Marinus SEIJTS Technical Specialist

Marinus Seijts

Technical Specialist

'I enjoy drawing and being able to help people. In my position, I help colleagues to prepare quotes and advise on the right placement of the units for customers.'

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