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Algeco - a protected trade mark

Algeco - a protected trade mark

Due to the reputation of Algeco, our company name is also used as a generic term for modular constructions. However, Algeco is an exclusive, patented commercial brand. Therefore, use as a generic name by unauthorised third parties is prohibited by law.

This is first and foremost because the range of products and services offered by Algeco today is vast. As the inventor and market leader, we have always been associated with modular containers. But now, for example, we also offer drying lockers and a rental service.

Secondly, we do not want to associate the name Algeco with inferior products. This would damage our corporate image, which is based on expertise and excellence.

This is why we asked that the generic term "algeco" be deleted from the dictionary.

The Algeco name can only be used for our company's products, services and installations. Does a third party use the brand name without authorisation? In this case, we reserve the right to take action.

Enjoy using your high-quality Algeco products!