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Our range

What are the benefits of a prefab building?

Prefab construction makes it easier to create more space. You can expand or move it as you like.

Does an ALGECO® building last as long as a traditional building?

Yes, the ALGECO®-buildings have the same qualities as traditional buildings.

Lease or buy?

Both options are possible. Discuss your options.

Can you handle the entire construction process?

Yes, we can handle the process from start to finish. From design and installation to completion and maintenance.

Are services available after the purchase?

All of our locations offer a maintenance service. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Do the pictures match reality?

The images used are for illustration purposes only. The final product delivered may differ and is based on the availability of units and products. 

Do you sell used accommodations?

Yes, that is possible. There's always a perfect solution. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Do you lease existing homes?

We only offer temporary and semi-permanent housing to the government, educational institutions, construction companies, events, and businesses. For residential homes, we refer you to your local realtor


Do you need a crane to install a module?

Sometimes, we need a crane for an upper floor or for assembly. A module alone can easily be removed from the truck.

Are foundations necessary?

Foundations are only necessary in case of stacked modules and on low-quality terrain.

How can I tell if my site is suitable for a module?

Are you worried about accessibility? Then an Algeco advisor can visit to make an assessment. Feel free to contact us.

Do I always have to apply for a permit?

This varies according to the type of housing and the municipality. Check the licensing requirements of the relevant municipality according to your plans. Of course, we would be happy to advise you on this personally.

Do you operate everywhere in the Netherlands?

We supply from a variety of locations within the Netherlands, including the Wadden Islands.

Do you also operate abroad?

Algeco is located in 26 countries (Europe and Asia), which means that we are able to provide for clients abroad as well. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

How quickly can we deliver?

That depends on your plans, dimensions, and the type of accommodation. But we are used to short delivery times and tight schedules. We have been able to open temporary supermarkets, large construction site trailers, and entire schools within weeks after disasters. Units and site huts can be provided within days.

Need extra space on the construction site in a hurry? Take a look at our Algeco Express service where we deliver units, lunch trolleys and storage containers the next working day.

Technical specifications

How many floors are possible?

Algeco can staple two floors.

How do I store my valuables?

With Algecostorage: a secured container, equipped with anti-vandalism locks, exclusively available at Algeco.


Can I safely receive guests in the prefab buildings?

Algeco provides all safety guaranties and follows all technical standards that apply.

Are the buildings insured?

You can take out Damage Waiver option at Algeco. This covers burglary and graffiti, and more.