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Sustainable new primary school building

Sustainable and net zero primary school in Capelle

Sustainable new primary school de capelle

The ecumenical primary school De Capelle in Amsterdam-Noord has been demolished and, after temporary accommodation at its original location, has been resurrected as a broad and above all recognisable community school. The transparent building is highly sustainable.

The client opted for a Design, Build and Maintain contract with application of the UAV-GC 2005 and its general terms and conditions. Algeco Building Systems was responsible for the integral execution of the design, from the initial sketch onwards, and was leading in the creation of the Design and Construction Plan (DO/VO) and the General Conditions (SO), as well as the final realisation of the project. Algeco Building Systems was responsible for the realisation, including the electrical and plumbing installations.

The school has a surface area of 2,340 m². The building includes the following facilities A primary school, a childcare centre and an after-school centre.

  • Project specificaties
  • Locatie
  • Branche
  • Bouwtijd
    26 weeks


To make the school building energy-neutral, all kinds of technical measures have been applied;

  • Solar panels
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • WTW
  • Low-temperature heating
  • High insulation values: Floor 3.5 m².K/W, Facade 4.5 m².K/W, Roof, 6.0 m².K/W


The building is also equipped with top cooling.

The Building Management System (BMS) installed makes it possible to remotely monitor actual costs at any time and adjust them immediately where necessary.

Maintenance review

During the design process, attention was not only paid to comfort but also to use and maintenance. Algeco made a number of conscious choices: Algeco used interior sun blinds, which significantly reduce maintenance costs due to their easy accessibility in the event of repairs and their non-exposure to weather conditions.

For the external shell and the external spaces, Algeco used low-maintenance materials which are covered by a maintenance and guarantee plan as well as being child-resistant and resistant to all kinds of hazards. A good example of this is the STO facade concept with stone strips.