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The 'Vuurvogel'

A sustainable building in a green open environment

In harmony with nature

The building is at ground level and very open. There is plenty of room for playing, working together, talking and celebrating. The oval shape makes the building extra special, giving it a very natural appearance and making it blend into its surroundings.

The core of the building consists of multifunctional areas, then there is a circulation zone with learning areas, then a ring with tribe areas and next to that play areas. Finally, there is the connection to the park. This structure resembles the annual rings of a tree.

Each tribe group has an outside door and its own outdoor playground. This greatly expands the learning and living space area. The spacious and light hall is ideal for presentations, celebrations and meetings.

  • Project specificaties
  • Locatie
  • Branche
  • Bouwtijd
    6 months
  • Aantal units
    Building Systems