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Algeco helps UNICEF with building schools in Ivory Coast

By recycling plastic, which is used to make building blocks for classrooms, we support UNICEF's education projects.

Project Plastic Bricks Ivory Coast

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Why does Algeco support this project?

The cooperation with UNICEF is actually quite natural. We believe it is important to contribute to society. By joining UNICEF, we become part of a large organization that provides education to children on a global scale. As a modular builder of, among other things, educational buildings, we think it is important to also contribute to this in underprivileged areas. And as an employer, we think the development of children is very important. Growing up in an environment where you get opportunities will only make the world a better place in the end.

Supporting the 'Plastic Bricks' project not only stimulates education in Ivory Coast, but also works towards a better environment. By recycling into plastic building blocks, with which school classrooms are built. Currently, 1.6 million children in Ivory Coast are out of school. With our contribution, many children can go to school again. And that makes us proud.