Drying lockers


The drying lockers are an innovative concept for drying, heating and / or airing your work wear.

The drying lockers are modular cabinets for 1 to 8 people, which are interconnected and connected in series. Up to 8 cabinets can be fed through a single power outlet. With these cabinets you can dry your wet or damp work clothes in just a few hours. Refreshment of the wardrobe's air is provided via an outlet connected to an air extraction fan. Each cabinet is individually adjustable with a thermostat. To save energy, the radiator is switched off by a door switch as soon as the doors open.

360° Services

The Algeco 360° Services have been specially developed to provide our customers with all-round ready-to-use solutions.

Consequently our customers will no longer be confronted with the organization and management of several suppliers or will no longer have to wait for several parties. In other words, no worries, no loss of time and extra costs.

Only 1 correspondent and everything ready-to-use upon delivery

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