Is your company looking at substantial growth, perhaps a size reduction, or maybe a simple transformation? Your requirements with regards to space may change considerably. The solution? Installing modular offices.

The advantages of these modular buildings are all but uncountable:

  • construction takes less time;
  • the installation of a modular office is far less expensive;
  • the financial risks, if any, are minimum;
  • this solution is flexible, leaving the door open to completely different choices in the future...

Are you looking for modular offices? We offer you solutions that are affordable, flexible and designed to meet your needs. A finished modular office is often very similar to that of a traditional construction. Aside from this, a major asset of a modular office is that it can be removed extremely quickly and legally, if the space is not being used.

In short, at Algeco, you are sure to find the modular office buildings which meet your needs on every level. Our references in this area are sure to prove our point...


Top design, neat and elegant, premium-quality constructions for prestigious premises

Progress is made using only the best materials and all aspects and furnishings are investigated in the finest of detail. A matter of making our image even more prestigious.

A model example of flexibility, functionality, modularity and comfort.

A range that is especially recommended for offices, authorities and schools. Offering the same benefits as traditional constructions, but with considerably more freedom to divide up the space.


The Origin range has been designed with a particular focus on flexibility. It takes just a few hours to install our modules: allowing you to increase or modify your premises exactly as you wish.


360° Services

The Algeco 360° Services have been specially developed to provide our customers with all-round ready-to-use solutions.

Consequently our customers will no longer be confronted with the organization and management of several suppliers or will no longer have to wait for several parties. In other words, no worries, no loss of time and extra costs.

Only 1 correspondent and everything ready-to-use upon delivery

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